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Free DVD: Jump School Core Team Training Series
How To get Your Core Team Sharing The Same Vision Of Reaching The Lost... 
Even If You Have Never Planted A Church Or Been A Part Of A Core Team Yourself!
What's This Free DVD All About?
Hi, I’m Peyton Jones, co-founder of Church Planter Magazine.

I’ve got a free DVD for you called "Jump School Core Team Training Video Series" that’s going to help you train, inspire and help your core team unite on mission to reach the lost in your community.

So if you’ve been struggling with not knowing how to get your core team on the same page, then you need this DVD because, among other things, it's like having a veteran church planter to train your core team for you...

Just fill out the form on the side of this page. Let me know your shipping address, and I’ll send your free DVD out right away.

There’s no catch. I’m doing this because We want to get this training series into the hands of as many church planters as we can.

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So just to recap, you’re getting this free DVD, "Jump School Core Team Training Video Series" that will help you train your core team and get them on mission to reach your community with you.

Just fill out the form on the side of this page. 

Let me know your shipping address, and I’ll send it out right away.

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Here's What's Covered On This DVD:
  • Video #1: FOCUS
    Why plant more churches? Why you? If you haven’t worked out your motives yet, then maybe you’re not ready. In this episode, Jones puts the right motives in focus. Once you’ve understood the answer to the first question, you’ll know the answer to the second.
  • Video #2: BATTLE READY
    When you put your toe to the line, Satan takes it personally. He won’t allow you to boldly stroll into his territory and release his captives without sounding the alarm. Before this is over, there’ll be blood. Hopefully, it’s more of his than yours. Jones will help you to put your armor on, and suit up for the fight.
  • Video #3: CORE TEAM
    How do you gather your core team? How does God put the right people with you to take your city? This episode walks you through the ins and outs of the lifecycle of a core team.
  • Video #4: MISSION
    What’s your mission? Can you communicate it? Can your core team? Effectively communicating your vision is a key to others being able to roll up their sleeves with you on mission. There are two ‘i’s in mission. That makes it a team sport!
  • Video #5: FIRE
    Most planting trainers won’t tell you this, but the secret sauce to planting a church is the Holy Spirit. He does all the heavy lifting. For all your sowing, watering, and reaping, God alone gives the increase. Find out when, and why.
  • Video #6: NO MAN'S LAND
    You can’t change the world from behind a desk. You need to get out there. You need to expose yourself to bullets, barbed wire, and your own fears. Getting beyond the barbed wire is the reason that most Christians and church plants never gain ground. This episode will fire you up and make you ready to charge.
  • Video #7: RALLY POINTS
    Sabotage. It’s the enemy’s job. No sooner will you embark on mission, than the enemy will seek to derail you from it. Most of the fire you’ll take in this department is friendly fire. We end where we started, focusing back on our Captain, and keeping the main things the plain things and visa versa. This may take more guts for your team than anything else.
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