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Jump School Training Includes:
  • Month 1- INTRO TO BIBLICAL CHURCH PLANTING: Church Planting in the Book of Acts.
  • Month 2- BOOT CAMP: The Planter's Calling, Character and Gifting.
  • Month 3- THE QUARTERMASTER: Preparation, Funding and Support.
  • Month 4- THE TERRAIN: Models, Strategy, Mapping and the Spirit's Leading.
  • Month 5- YOUR SQUAD: Gathering Your Core Team/ Vision and Mission Statements/ Nurturing Your Church's Core DNA.
  • Month 6- AMMO CHECK: Gift Driven Team/ Leadership Team Dynamics/ What Would The Early Church Do?
  • Month 7- PLAN OF ATTACK: Outreach and Serving the Community/ Forward Planning for Outreach - Christmas, Easter, etc.
  • Month 8- JUMP DAY: The Launch
  • Month 9- AIR SUPPORT: Exorcisms, Healings, Filling of the Spirit and Prayer?.
  • Month 10- TARGET PRACTICE: Preaching, Counseling and Pastoral Issues?.
  • Month 11- ADVANCEMENT: Becoming a Church Planting Church, Leadership Training, Raising Up New Leaders?.
  • Month 12- DIGGING IN: Lessons, Pitfalls and The Second Year.
What's Included Each Month:
1st Week
Jump School Dossier. Peyton's tome on Church Planting.

2nd Week
Jump School Radio. Audio training courses.

3rd Week
Band of Brothers. A live Q&A call where you can ask anything about church planting.

4th Week
In The Trenches. An exclusive interview with an active church planter on topic with that month's material.

Core Team Questions. So you can pull your core team into your training.

Book Reviews. Don't have time to read all the books on church planting? We've done it for you.
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