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DISCLAIMER: Let’s get real, these results are NOT typical. The people on this page are extraordinary business owners – they stepped up, followed through, were coachable, and blew the doors off their profits. I am NOT saying the same will happen with you. Frankly, most people who invest in a course don’t even complete it and they get ZERO results. I don’t know why that is, but it’s pretty safe to say it’s true. I can’t guarantee your results, but if you want to step up to the plate and go for it, I mean really go for it, I’m here to help!

Darius Velease, Victory Chiropractic (pt 1)
Darius Velease, Victory Chiropractic (pt 2)

Debbie De Grote, President and Founder of Excelleum

"Pete has changed my thinking and the way that I market my business. I credit him with our growth."

Chip Kessler,  Co-Author with Dan Kennedy, Making Them Believe Home Study Course

"I pride myself in working with only the absolutely best people in their field. That’s why I’m excited to be working with Pete Mitchell."

Cappi Pidwell, expert in Human Behavior, NLP, and Hypnotherapy

"The thing that impresses me the most about him is his integrity. What Pete says, Pete does. He's someone you can count on to get the job done."

Kirk Kanenbley, President of

"Pete Mitchell has been absolutely fantastic – I can’t ever remember a speaker in my career that had such unanimous vote of excellence from every single participant – I was literally inundated with praises for him.”

Mark Prather, CEO of Mark 1 Mortgage

“Pete Mitchell is a very positive and enthusiastic individual and I admire the influence he is having on people with the work that he does! It’s amazing how he positively impacts the lives of others!”
Dr. Lee Pierce, Pierce Family Chiropractic (pt 1)
Dr. Lee Pierce, Pierce Family Chiropractic (pt 2)

Gayle Brantuk, Vice President, Glen-L Marine Designs

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the awesome Website redesign! We are thrilled with the results of our new site and have nothing but positive comments from our visitors. Our old site was getting about 2 signups a day to our online Newsletter. With the new offer and front and center signup form you created, we are averaging 43 sign ups A DAY! Plus, our new site is so much easier to navigate and the blog section for our boat builders is an awesome addition and huge time-saver for us. You were so easy to work with and got everything done so quickly. And, with a site that has hundreds of pages, that's saying a lot! The price you charged was very reasonable for the value you provided. Plus, you are always available to answer questions and help us when needed. One more thing, your "Easy Access Plan" is invaluable. Having access to your expertise going forward is so helpful to us. Thanks again Pete — you're awesome!"

Adam Broughton, CFP, Plan A Better Life

"Solid stuff and just what I've been looking for!"

Jonathan Sprinkles, Former National Campus Speaker of the Year (APCA)

“True effective leadership has never been so needed in our society as it is today. Pete Mitchell is delivering what leaders need to hear.”
"I don't like sitting through webinars or even short videos. That said I'm grateful to have listened to yours. You had good material & focused on something I needed to know. Especially like the "case studies." Pointing out what works, what doesn't, and then why, really makes an impact. Well done. I learned something useful!"
- Anita
Cappi Pidwell, Expert in Human Behavior, NLP, and Hypnotherapy
Dave Negri, Elite Home Services

Dr. Darius Veleas, Chiropractor, Mission Viejo

"After running my new chiropractic clinic for a year and a half, I had a lot of confidence in my abilities as a chiropractor, but I knew that I needed to start doing more marketing. I didn’t really know where to begin, though- marketing wasn’t exactly something they taught us in school. I started picking up some ideas here and there- implementing some, hoping to eventually get around to implementing others, but I never seemed to have enough time to treat patients, run a practice, and get the marketing stuff done. Plus, the fact that I HATE writing didn’t help. After consulting with you, I was a little hesitant to move forward at first, but I knew that if I didn’t invest in you and the ideas you gave me, it may take me another year and a half to actually implement them myself (if I ever got around to it at all). So, I took the plunge. You provided me with an entire “turnkey” system for my business, and my only regret is that I didn’t find you and have all of this set in place BEFORE opening my practice. From the very beginning, you worked efficiently. I really like how you gave me deadlines of when the work would get done, and unlike when I go to get my oil change in my car and they tell me it’ll be 30 minutes, but then I’m stuck waiting an hour and a half- you actually stuck to those deadlines. Now that all the pieces are in place, it is so easy to implement all the different funnels I have to draw in new patients and reactivate people from my existing database. Thanks again, Pete. I look forward to working with you on future projects."
“After seeing what Pete could do for the marketing of our law firm, we gladly turned over our $4,000,000 advertising budget to him. Then after I left the firm to start my own company, I immediately contracted with Pete to run the marketing. Since it is my own money that is on the line, I need the best. That is why I will always choose to work with Pete Mitchell.”
-C. Wayne Farris, Point Managers, LLC
"This is a BIG THANK YOU for the killer content you delivered in your webinar this morning! I get bombarded with webinar notices on a daily basis and came close to not viewing yours. However, the headline or bullet points pulled me in and I'm glad it worked so I could watch and learn. I did purchase your book at the end for the value content and to help out the victims of fallen soldiers...Thanks Again!" 
- Patrick Griffen of Anaheim, CA

Clifford Felder, Real Estate Agent

"I've found through participation in your program that I was doing something right. Being patient with buyers and sellers and following up with them. However, I did not know how to go about it. The program you've put together has given me the tools and the know how to make it happen."

Bill Cates, President of Referral Coach International

“I was absolutely inspired by Pete’s work. The real world experiences he related are things I am using every day in my business!”

Tyrone Peterson

"This class with Pete has opened doors to have conversations with business people and entrepreneurs that I've not had in the past. Even though I came out of a business background I was never able to have kind of those conversations with entrepreneurs in a peer-to-peer manner. Also, from a ministry standpoint, a lot of times Church Planters are treated as, “Oh well, you're trying to get something up and going.” But when you're talking to business people and you explain to them you deal with a lot of the same issues they do, it kind of levels that relationship. It helps you really connect with them a lot more... From a financial standpoint, obviously the financial aspect is a big change for our family. This year the amount of stress that finances has brought to us is big, and yet now we can start seeing how this is going to change not only how much money we have coming in, but really how we approach the idea of having a second job. I can make as much money out of doing this as I would have done in working two jobs. And that's powerful, especially when you have a family to provide for as you're getting a church off the ground... I think my takeaway is the system. I was talking to my father in law tonight; he's a missionary. And I'm like, “Look, it's a system. You have the system in place, you can do it. Don't vacillate, don't go here, don't go there. Work the system.” And that's the part that gives me confidence. Most of the stuff I feel like, “Okay, maybe with my business background, I know a lot of it already.” But, no. No, I really don't. And I messed up my ABC earlier today when I was talking to somebody else and made it way too complex and I was wrong. No, learn it, work it, and see what it generates."

Robert J. Krakower, Author of Redefining Retirement For A New Generation

“To really stand out in my industry, I needed to have a commanding web presence. I turned to Pete Mitchell because of his ability to make things happen fast. The website and video strategy that he put together have given me the edge that I was looking for to take my message on the airwaves with both radio and TV interviews. He knows how to market on the Internet like no one else I’ve seen.”

Chip Kessler,  Co-Author with Dan Kennedy, Making Them Believe Home Study Course

"When it came time to decide which person to head-up the launch for Dan Kennedy and my home study course based on the marketing genius of the goat-gland doctor J.R. Brinkley, Pete Mitchell was the man! Pete is as good as there is when it comes to innovative videos and the kind of overall presentations that ramps up interest from buyers which means sales. Pete brings a hands-on enthusiasm which produces results. When it comes time for you to launch your product, program or service, Pete Mitchell delivers!"
"The moment I met you I knew you had the knowledge and professionalism to help me in my internet marketing efforts. After partnering with you for my very first product launch I must say that your work exceeded my expectations. You are an internet marketing artist who also has great insight on the steps it takes to make money through internet marketing. Your efforts raised my presence in the marketplace and caused several people from my database to contact me with positive feedback on the work that you had done. You were right. A product launch has residual effect and really helps to grow business. I will add to that... 'when Pete Mitchell is the Product Launch Manager!' I look forward to our next launch!"
-Norma T. Hollis

Dominic Encinias

"As far as the consultant training, personally it has helped me kind of get over some things in my life where I felt like I didn't want to push people or I didn't want to come off salesman-y, like we talked about in the call last time. But man, you guys along with my wife and kind of the journey I'm on, really I've been able to kind of see the value that I can bring, [and] understanding the value that we actually do bring to people. So that's been awesome... My biggest takeaway has been the way that [the] information is organized, and I'm looking forward to being able to understand it all. And I'm feeling more and more what it means to be trained in this and to become an expert in this. So I'm feeling more and more confident as we go on.

Ruben Young

"I think the biggest takeaway, besides the fact that it's a system that's workable, is the fact that you're sharing your attitude in the whole thing, your attitude in going into it and how you approach it, because that's huge for me. Not just knowing that there is a system in place, but actually knowing what the right attitude and perspective is for approaching a client or approaching this system. One of I think the biggest immediate takeaways for me is going to be the telephone script for ad space advertising, because just not having all the time that I need, I'm preparing to do the Team 100 thing and I'm prepping the other Yellow Page mailer system. But I think one of the things I'm going to be able to utilize mostly is sitting down and just making these phone calls and just going over that particular script. I think that'll be the thing that'll help me out the most to get my foot in the door."

Daniel Samms

"So for me this whole thing [class with Pete] has been a game changer. I feel like I know how to make money now. I'm at the table for a lot more conversations with a lot more business owners and I'm taken seriously in a different way because I have something to offer. We've all been in these meetings where we're a Church Planter and in many ways not seen as a professional, even though you have knowledge and wisdom. And so now I'm seen as a professional who is also a Church Planter and brings something valuable in every role that I have. Not to mention, I've made a lot of money already, so I'm pretty excited about that. I intend to make a lot more and I've also been able to share some wisdom and advice with non-profits and churches that I think I've helped them. This is huge. It's been probably I would say life-changing for me... Biggest takeaways for me – one is just as has already been mentioned, system. And just having confidence and I've got something that works and it's good and it just gives me a confidence, this whole thing. The other thing is just value; that knowing that I can have a high price, see myself as valuable, sell my services at that high price, and reach a market that I didn't ever rub shoulders with before."
D'Arcy, Leading Bahamian Marketer
Lucy Miller
Michael Houser, Electronic Eye Security

Jordan Adler, Author of Beach Money; #1 Team Builder and #1 Money Earner,

“Learning to lead comes through mastering the principles of sound leadership, being a great example and taking determined action. Pete nails it in his book, ‘Lead or Fail.’ I couldn’t put it down!”

Travis Sinks

"This class from Pete has been life changing. I love the simple organization and how he took a subject so daunting and put it into bite sized chunks. The ability to be able to analyze a business and come up with actionable steps to grow that business (and is guaranteed to work every time) is incredible and a serious game-changer.

Jay Lee

"As a church planter and church growth consultant, I thought that joining ministry was like a vow to poverty. In my former life I was a corporate banker in National Sales for the largest bank in Canada. Life was so different and the financial tradeoff was huge. But I didn't go into ministry for the money, but that also didn't help my growing family. I thought I was going to be stuck struggling financially for the rest of my life and was desperately looking for ways to generate income with limited time to help my family. My dream is to retire my wife so she could stay home and for me to provide for my 3 young children, fix my 60+ year old house and upgrade both my aging cars.

Pete Mitchell is truly a Chief Marketing Mercenary! His BIVO training has helped me greatly to sharpen my marketing, advertising and leadership skills. This in turn has boosted my confidence to help others grow their businesses. I'm confident that this will help my family and already have one solid client and another one in progress. I highly recommend Pete's training! You won't regret it!"

Debbie Allen, International Business Speaker & Bestselling Author of Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters

“A complete star... brilliant leadership training.” 
“Pete is a great writer. I couldn’t put the book down. His stories are captivating and require the reader to look in the mirror. I learned several new principles that I can’t wait to put into action. Leadership is essential in my business – I loved reading this book!”
-Zoe Jones, Founder of Network Marketing Protégé

John T. Moss, CEO of C.A.S.H. Community Development

“Pete has been my secret weapon!”
Allen Carey, Leading Independent Marketer (pt 1)
Allen Carey, Leading Independent Marketer (pt 2)
"As always, great advice Pete!"
-Michael Houser
"Awesome stuff, thanks for your brilliant insights! I'm buying your book."
- Enrique Barba
“Pete’s book is amazing! He connects the reader to the leadership principles in a way that will make a positive impression on people and won’t soon be forgotten.
-Chris Egan, President of Chris Egan, Inc.
"Great webinar! Thanks for the excellent ideas!"
- Vickie Knapp

Eric Lofholm, Master Sales Trainer, Author of How To Sell In The New Economy

“Not only was Pete Mitchell pivotal is getting my newest book published, but he engineered the entire Internet marketing strategy behind it. He developed the marketing and video pieces that we used and I was so inspired by what he was able to do in such a short period of time that I immediately proposed several new projects that I want him to spearhead. Not hiring Pete for your marketing strategy is a huge mistake.”

“Finally, an expert that understand the true heart of a leader. Pete Mitchell knows how to communicate leadership principles like no one else!”

Kirk Kanenbley, President of

“All of us have our own versions of a secret weapon. When it comes to marketing strategies, Pete Mitchell has always been mine. His ability to cut through the clutter and develop a clear message that brings me more clients and more income is unmatched.”
"Thank you so much for this opportunity, Pete. Thank you for all of the time you have invested into this to really help us succeed. I really do see all the ways I can do this and it is amazing."
- Jared Milam

Pete Mitchell

"This is me with Kathy Ireland. She may not be a client, but if you have a picture of you with Kathy Ireland, you'd put it on your website as well."
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